Swc Poker Review, Safe Way to Earn Bitcoin in 2023

Our Review of one of the best Bitcoin Poker room.

We really love to play on this room for various reasons that I will explain in details in this review.
Originally Seals With Clubs now was the first online poker room to use Bitcoin exclusively, since 2013.
SwC Poker is the original and one of the best crypto poker sites and the amount of traffic in this room is consistently expanding. So it's important for you to read this post and make your decision about.

Now has the largest Bitcoin-only poker room in the world, with a respectable and growing number of tournaments and cash games. You do not need to provide any personal information in order to play the game.
The games are exceptionally soft, the payouts are fast, and the rake is among the lowest in the industry. It's difficult to beat this combination of low rake and a generous rewards program.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn Bitcoin safely read our comprehensive Swc Poker review now and join the action today!

There are no other forms of gambling available, so there are no obnoxious casino advertisements or sportsbook emails. Their in-depth app, which allows you to immerse yourself in a wide variety of poker games, reflects their sole emphasis on poker. It's purely an online poker game.

Users can access the game from HTML5, Android, iOS, or by downloading the client. Along with the standard NLHE and PLO games, Chinese poker, short deck, and mixed games are all available.
Keep also an eye out for the bad beat jackpot tables, where you can win a lot of money by taking or giving bad beats.

Pros and cons of playing poker at Seal With Clubs

Swc Poker Pros

Most Trusted Crypto poker Site

highest rakeback (up to 50%)

lowest rake

Good player anonymity, No KYC needed

Player-to-player chip transfers

Fast Withdrawals

A lot of HU games

A wide variety of regular and hard-to-find poker games and tournaments

No Rake Microstakes

Bad Beat Jackpot

Freerolls available every hour every day

Krill Rewards Program

Krill Leaderboard

A simple, easy-to-use interface

Available on all devices

Swc Poker Cons

No first-time deposit bonus

Customer support is a bit slow, but it's still efficient

Low activity outside of peak hours

To be eligible for all promotions and to participate in our freerolls, create an account via browser, if you create an account from the client, remember to write RAGNARR in the referral code field. After that, come back here and MESSAGE US with your nickname.

The Lowest Rake of any poker site

The rake at SwC Poker is the lowest of any poker site; ranging from 0% to 3% for cash games and 2% to 6% for tournaments. At micro-stakes of 0.10/.020, there is no rake fee.
In SwC Poker if the games don't make it to the flop, no rake is paid.

Seals With Clubs Rakeback & Promos

SwcPoker rewards players who earn rakeback after playing in the poker room with a variety of benefits. The only promotion that isn't eligible until now is the standard first deposit bonus.
SealsWithClubs rakeback is essentially a tiered poker VIP program in which loyal customers who play a lot of hands climb through the tiers and earn higher rakeback percentages over time. The cashback begins at 5% and gradually increases to 50% rakeback equivalent! Players can also participate in ever-increasing bitcoin freeroll tournaments as they progress through the stages.

Krill Rewards Program

Any time a player is dealt into a raked bitcoin poker hand, they earn Krill. Earn lifetime rewards such as rakeback and access to exclusive freerolls by collecting Krill. The more Krill you get, the more incentives you'll be able to get! Krill is never reduced or reset.

Calculation of Krill

In a raked hand, each player receives Krill based on the following calculation:

BTC Games: (rake) * 0.4 / (players dealt in) | BCH Games: (rake) * 0.04 / (players dealt in)

Regardless of their contribution to the pot, each player in the hand earns an equal amount of Krill. Based on the following calculation, each registered player in a tournament or sit & go will receive Krill:

BTC Games: (entry fee) * 0.4 | BCH Games: (entry fee) * 0.04

When the tournament begins, early registrants receive Krill. No Krill are awarded in tournaments where there is no entry fee.

Krill Leaderboard

This way the top five players who win the most Krill per week will share a payout of 23,000 chips, while the best five players per month will receive an even bigger bonus of 80,000 chips. Every competition's winners receive 10,000 and 30,000 chips, respectively, as well as a significant rakeback boost.


A Bad Beat Jackpot is funded by 20% of the daily rake (there is no additional cost for the BBJ) at certain special SwC Poker tables.

The bonus is caused as follows when a player loses with AAAKK or better:
Loser of the hand: 35 percent; Winner of the hand: 20 percent; All other players dealt at the table: 15%

Please note also that in order to win the Bad Beat Jackpot, all hole cards must be used. SwC increased the initial BBJ prize pool by 100,000 chips, bringing the total prize pool to over 300,000.


SwC Poker still offers the richest tournaments of any cryptocurrency site.
The Little BTC! Buy-in 500 with a 20k GTD
The Medium BTC! Buy-in 2k with a 60k GTD
The BIG BTC! Buy-in 5k with a 200k GTD

All games are played in the no limit hold'em format.

as I said above the Poker room offers also the widest range of game styles of any online poker platform.

  • Texas Hold’em: No limit and fixed limit.
  • Pot limit Omaha: High/low, 5 card and 5 card High/low.
  • Stud: Fixed limit.
  • Chinese: Pot limit.
  • Draw: Fixed limit.
  • Short Deck: No limit.
  • Mixed: HORSE, 8-Game, 11-Game and Lowball.
  • Open Faced Chinese
  • Pineapple
  • Badeucy
  • Deuce to Seven Triple Draw

About Swc Poker Freerolls

The MTT schedule involves regular freerolls with a limited guaranteed prize pool of 10 chips (uBTC) and 1000 chips (uBCH), as well as many tournaments

Traffic On Swc Poker

There isn't always a game going, but if you sit down at an empty table, games usually start up very fast. Before you sit down at the tables, you can use the software's chat function to find other interested players. During the night (American Time Zone), more than 300 connections can be found, with over 100 tables to choose from, with a special note: SwC's favorite game is Heads-Up. HU games account for roughly 70% of the action, and they range in difficulty from 0.02/0,04 to 100,000/200,000.

To be eligible for all promotions and to participate in our freerolls, create an account via browser, if you create an account from the client, remember to write RAGNARR in the referral code field. After that, come back here and MESSAGE US with your nickname.

Play everywhere: Html5, Android app, Ios, Windows

How to play on swc poker?
Their web-based poker room is one of the best you'll come across. You can play in the browser, which is the simplest and most versatile choice, or you can download native apps for Android, Mac, and Windows. The key benefit of installing the client on your computer instead of playing in the browser is that you can handle several tables in tile or cascading layouts.
The Android app works well. It's much the same as the big screen version, but on a smaller scale. The Android app is not available in the Playstore, instead, go to the SwC Poker website and download it there. To install the app, you will need to update your security settings, but this is a simple process.

There are three main tabs in the Lobby

Cash games, tournaments, and sit-and-gos are the three types of games available, additional tabs with various games and formats will appear after choosing the game format.
The table list contains basic details such as the stake, matches, and so on. Yellow highlights the jackpot tables. Before you sit down, you should look over the tables to see if there are any waiting lists.

The prize pool for the Bad Beat Jackpot is shown in the client's top center column, while the far right section displays the players' list and provides links to the cashier and user profile.
The table design is bright, and grinders can change at anytime the theme , card deck, and other settings to personalize their experience.
There are options to show chip amounts in BB, allow hotkeys, and adjust the bet-slider to the user's needs in the main settings. Multitabling has no limits, and each game can be organized in cascade or in tile mode automatically for a great user experience.
Furthermore, there is a general chat right next to the cashier where all users can talk about the game and trade cryptos.

Customer Service

As I said before, support can be requested via email, SwC Poker customer service can take up to 24 hours to respond;
however, accuracy of responses is very good, they are genuine crypto poker insiders who know what they're talking about

Privacy And Security

This poker room does not discriminate against players based on their country of origin, so all visitors from all over the world are welcome.
SwC Poker's users' anonymity is one of the site's most appealing features.
To ultra-secure your account you can also enable 2FA.

Is SwC Poker a trustworthy site?

Firstly, Seals with Club, now SwC Poker, has been around for a long time and can be considered the first Bitcoin poker room since it was one of the first places to accept Bitcoin payments.
This indicates that the site has stood the test of time, which is extremely important on the Internet.
Of course, as with any unregulated platform, we advise our players to process withdrawals on a regular basis.
Secondly, the website claims to keep stakes in a variety of crypto wallets and to never use assets to cover running costs. SwC Poker's guarantee that it runs fair games and avoids any attempts at cheating is something that users can rely on.


SwC Poker is a fantastic crypto poker platform in general. It has good software, a low rake, some of the industry's largest tournaments, and a diverse selection of games.
SwC Poker has no betting and casino games, for me it is a plus because it means no distractions, only poker in all its glory!

Create an anonymous account now and start win bitcoin

To be eligible for all promotions and to participate in our freerolls, create an account via browser, if you create an account from the client, remember to write RAGNARR in the referral code field. After that, come back here and MESSAGE US with your nickname.

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Best bitcoin poker room




Play on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS


30% rakeback


New Welcome Bonus


Largest crypto-only cardroom


Americans, Australians, and Canadians allowed


NLHE, PLO, 5 Card PLO and OFC Pineapple


A lot of Freerolls


Fast Withdrawals

Swc poker

SWC Poker

Oldest bitcoin poker room


Play with BTC


Play on Android, Windows, Mac, HTML5 (browser)


Register with email only


Lowest rake


Most Trusted BTC Site


Player-to-player chip transfers


Wide variety of games and tournaments


Freerolls every hour


Krill Rewards Program


Bad Beat Jackpot