Nitrogen Poker review. In 2022 We no longer recommend it

Update Dec, 1 2021, Now We do not recommend it anymore, but please, let me explain.
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Even though I still have money in my account, For the second time Nitrogen has suspended my account, because they say, it is mandatory to make some deposits from time to time, in an unspecified amount of time. For these reasons, I will no longer play on that poker room or recommend it to our users.

Anyway, if you still want to read it, this is my old Nitrogen Poker honest review

Nitrogen was launched in 2012 with the sole intention of being a Bitcoin betting platform. However, after a few years and several happy clients, the corporation that owns and runs Nitrogen, Ideal Media Inc of Puerto Rico, chose to add a poker site to the mix. They had no idea that their idea would pay off, resulting in one of the best Bitcoin poker sites on the Internet. Nitrogen now provides a fast-paced Bitcoin poker experience that draws a large number of players from around the world.

Main advantages

  • You can begin playing immediately after completing the registration process, which takes less than a minute.
  • Nitrogen poker does not exchange your Bitcoin for fiat currency; you deposit, play, and withdraw in Bitcoin. Each chip is worth 1mBTC (1/1,000 of a bitcoin).
  • A platform for playing poker anonymously. You can build an account without disclosing any personal data.
  • Payments are made quickly.
  • Policy Against Collusion: Nitrogen does not allow the use of multiple accounts when participating in Nitrogen Poker events under any circumstances. Any consumer who is discovered to be using multiple accounts will be disqualified.
  • Leading Sportsbook in the Industry: Sports Betting: There's no need to go to another website to bet on the NFL game tonight! You can use your balance to position bets at the world's biggest and most credible bitcoin sportsbook.
  • Casino games are among the additional gaming options available.

Game experience, our opinion

Unlike several other poker sites, Nitrogen has chosen to forego the use of a downloadable desktop client. Instead, you can leap straight into the action by clicking a button on the website's front page, which will take you to an HTML5 portal with current rooms and tournaments. Rather than loading unnecessary third-party data onto your screen, the website simply loads another page with a tiny prompt window that allows you to choose your game and stake. You'll be shown a top-down representation of a poker room until you've found one that matches you. As the game progresses, you can keep track of blinds, last bets, and take notes on your rivals. You can also program automated responses for any subsequent bets and assign commands to your keyboard.

Nitrogen loyalty program with benefits

Play poker to win Nitro, which you can then trade for bitcoin or free bets!
Nitro is a cryptocurrency that can be traded for Bitcoin.
The higher your level of Nitrogen Rewards, the more Nitro you'll get!

Nitrogen Rewards is divided into five groups.
You'll climb higher the more you play! Depending on the stage you've reached, you'll win Nitro at a different multiplier.
In the Rewards Shop, you can swap your Nitro for bitcoin!

What are Loyalty Points, and how do I earn them?
Your Nitrogen Rewards level for the next month is determined by your Loyalty Points. You can win points by playing bitcoin poker cash games.
The more Loyalty Points you get, the higher your rating will be! On the first day of each calendar month, Loyalty Points are reset.

What are the steps to earn Loyalty Points?
You gain points depending on how much rake you contribute to poker hands. The sum raked will be multiplied by 2.5 to get Loyalty Points.

Nitrogen withdrawals

– The minimum withdrawal amount for all accounts is 0.001 BTC.
– 2FA enabled is required to withdraw

Players are solely responsible for entering the accurate information for any withdrawal request. This includes both the withdrawal address and the amount to be withdrawn. To proceed with withdrawals after a deposit, a significant action (one-time rollover) is necessary.

Before being allowed to withdraw any rewards from poker free rolls, contests, or free bets, all users must make a first-time deposit and complete significant action (one-time rollover on money). Accounts that do not respond to a deposit in a timely manner may be charged an internal processing fee (5 percent of the original deposit amount).

While they strive to process account withdrawals as swiftly as possible, they reserve the right to evaluate and cancel any withdrawal manually.

Nitrogen players are entitled to one free withdrawal every six days. Following that, a 0.0001 BTC fee will be charged to cover the cost of transacting on the Bitcoin network. Furthermore, the 1 free withdrawal every 6-day period offer is only available to accounts with a deposit history of at least 0.005 BTC. For any withdrawal, accounts having a deposit history of less than 0.005 BTC will be charged the transaction fee mentioned above.

Newly formed accounts (less than 6 days old) will be charged a 0.0001 BTC fee on all withdrawals made within that time period. In order to complete a withdrawal, you may be asked for a valid recovery email address.

Useful Nitrogen Poker FAQ

What are the benefits of playing poker at NitrogenSports?
Nitrogen Sports is extremely secure, with a stringent anti-collusion policy in place. Nitrogen also offers outstanding customer service and a generous loyalty program.

I'd like to play under various aliases. Is it possible for me to build several poker accounts?
No, it's not true. Nitrogen Sports forbids the use of secondary or multiple accounts by the same person in poker games for protection and to uphold a fair play ethic.

I'd like to change my alias at the table; how do I do that?
By default, you'll be known as “satoshi” at the tables, and this is the name that other users can see. You can change your screen name by selecting “Settings” from the account menu in the top-right corner of your window.

Is it possible for me to sit at the same table as my friend?
Yes, you certainly can! A decent game of poker can be made even better by playing with and talking with a pal. Every form of collusion, on the other hand

, is strictly forbidden, and any users caught cheating using this tool will be barred from the platform and their funds will be frozen pending an investigation.

Is it possible for me to be involved at several tables at the same time?
Yes, indeed. At the same time, users will play at multiple tables. Remember to participate in only as many as you feel comfortable with! You may choose to open tables in a new window within the poker client. By selecting the icon in the top left corner of the poker app, you can access the “Play Settings” section.

Will I be able to recover my password if I lose it?
Yes, indeed. Submitting a support ticket (available from the Nitrogen menu: Nitrogen > Support) and requesting a password reset will connect you with Nitrogen customer service representatives who will gladly walk you through the process of regaining access to your account.

Is it possible to move funds between my poker and sportsbook accounts?
Your sportsbook and poker accounts at Nitrogen Sports are one and the same. Your account balance can be used to wager on the NitrogenSportsbook, casino, or to buy-in to a poker game.

Is it possible to cash out my winnings without making a deposit?
No, before withdrawing any winnings from poker freerolls, tournaments, or free bet giveaways, all players must make a first-time deposit.

Is it possible for me to change my Avatar?
Yeah, indeed! Pick your poker settings (the tiny gear icon beside the “Lobby” tab near the top left of your browser) and then “AVATARS” in the settings menu to adjust your Nitrogen Poker Avatar.

May I turn off the Avatars at the table because they are distracting me?
Yes, you can disable this in the Avatar area. Select ‘Avatars' from your profile (click your avatar from the main lobby) and an Avatars on/off button will appear above the photos.

What happens if I lose connection while playing a game?
Your disconnection timebank will kick in if you lose your poker link. You will be able to resume playing the hand if you reconnect before your disconnection timebank expires; otherwise, your hand will be folded. If you become disconnected, the disconnection timebank begins at 60 seconds and gradually decreases.

What happens if there's a problem with the poker server during a cash game or tournament?
The hand will be invalidated and the stakes will be returned to each player if the poker server crashes during a cash game. When a tournament comes to an end, the remaining players divide the prize pool.

What are the minimum stakes?
0.01/0.02 mBTC

How do you make sure your games are fair?
The RNG at Nitrogen Sports is a regular Mersenne Twister, and the Fisher-Yates shuffle is used to shuffle the cards before each deal.

Is it possible to muck the winning poker hand with the poker software?
Yes, this option's default can be changed in the poker settings.

What is the process for demanding a hand history?
When playing from the chat/gameplay box on the lower left side of the table, hand histories are available in the client. Go to your profile (click your avatar) and pick ‘Hand History' from the menu to see your previous hand history.

Can I “request time” if I'm in a poker tournament and need to make a difficult decision?
Yes, there is a timebank with additional features that you can use. When half of your usual timebank has passed, click “demand time” to gain access to your expanded timebank. The extended timebank begins with 30 seconds and gradually decreases as you use it. There are no exceptions to the rule that all users must play their hands within the time limit.

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